Freight forwarder training helps Morrison Freight team grow skills

Freight forwarder training helps Morrison Freight team grow skills

January 3, 2023

Remaining ahead of the curve is important for any freight forwarder in this ever-changing industry. Here, Director of Morrison Freight, Lee Steward, looks into why training is vital and how they ensure staff get the opportunities they need. 

Since Darren and I took over the business in 2015, there have been countless changes and challenges in the industry. So, being able to adapt and respond to whatever comes our way is essential to ensuring our company continues to operate effectively. 

As a freight forwarder, we must be at the top of the game at all times. Therefore, we are always willing to invest in training opportunities for our staff. Recently, that’s included enrolling Jamie, from our exporting operations team, onto a Level 3 NVQ Freight Forwarder course. 

From the beginning, Jamie has displayed a desire to grow in the industry. He joined us as part of an apprenticeship scheme and is now one of our account managers. Now, he is taking the steps to further develop in his career and we could not be prouder. 

The Level 3 NVQ Freight Forwarder course will help Jamie further expand his skills. So, he will become even more of an effective freight forwarder than he already is. 

The training will develop his knowledge of sea and road logistics, while also gaining a greater understanding of the importance of freight for the global economy – and the fantastic role he plays in it. 

Also, it will see Jamie delve into the world of customs even further. This is a vital part of the industry which has seen significant changes since Brexit. So, this additional knowledge and training will be incredibly useful for our customs services

Jamie is already very talented, so we are looking forward to seeing how this freight forwarder course helps. Most of all, we hope it will give him the confidence he should have when bearing in mind his abilities. 

Darren and I are happy to hear the course is going well so far, and we are sure it will continue to. Jamie said: “It’s early days but I’m really enjoying the training, I’ve always been keen to develop my career. So, being given the opportunity really means a lot! I’d like thank Lee and Darren for investing in me once again.” 

Here at Morrison Freight, we are always happy to invest into our team to help them grow. Not only does it help in their careers, but it helps our services remain as great as ever. 

Some of our senior members are also undergoing leadership training with Lighthouse Group, and we are already seeing the benefits. 

This year we are also recruiting apprentices to join the company, so we are looking forward to seeing how the whole business develops in 2023!