Stress Awareness Month: How mixing work with play helps at Morrison Freight

Stress Awareness Month: How mixing work with play helps at Morrison Freight

April 14, 2022

Whatever industry you work in, stress is a natural part of life. That’s why at Morrison Freight, we take steps to help our staff burn off some steam. Here, Director Darren Ryan, explains how they mix work with play.  

I cannot stress enough how important it is to love your job. Not only does it help people perform better at their role, but it also helps support their mental health. 

It is completely natural to experience stress at work, I know I do. While it can help us be more productive, too much over a long period can seriously impact our wellbeing

Morrison Freight is a family, so we make sure we look after each other. We spend most of our lives at work, but that doesn’t mean other parts of our lives don’t exist. 

Some members of our team are parents, so working around the school run can be a regular stress for them. To help them and the rest of our team, we’ve introduced a rota for adjusted hours. So, people can start and finish work earlier, which also helps avoid the stress of rush hour! 

On top of providing a top-class service to our clients, we make sure there is always something to look forward to. 

We have recently installed a combined pool and air hockey table – and yes, it’s as impressive as it sounds. To make it even better, we’ve also got a table tennis cover to lay on top. Almost immediately we held our first pool tournament. With that in mind, congratulations to our import operations manager, Andy Brendt, who cleared the table to win first place! 

As well as making use of our growing games room, we always make sure there’s a date in the diary. To keep the competition going, we’ll be sharpening our gaming skills at an Ipswich bar later this month. From beer pong to darts, and table tennis to retro games, everyone is hoping to be crowned champion! 

We also hold a combined dress-down and junk food Friday once a month, which quickly became a favourite all-round. 

At Morrison Freight, we think it’s important to spend time together which isn’t work-related. Whether it’s gaming tournaments or our annual summer party, they help us release some stress and have something to look forward to. 

Not only that, but we also have a culture in the office where people can speak about what’s causing them stress. Then, we explore ways to help and improve the situation. 

We take comfort in knowing our team are happy, and it also helps them deliver the seamless services we are known for.