Blue Monday

Blue Monday

January 21, 2019

Nobody looks forward to Mondays. However, Blue Monday is the worst of them all. Here Lee Steward from Morrison Freight examines how to boost staff morale on the most depressing day of the year.

If you’re having a bad day today – join the club.

After all, it is officially the bleakest day of the year – Blue Monday.

A potent combination of cold nights, dark mornings, a sorry bank balance, post-Christmas melancholy and failed new year’s resolutions means that many of us feel despondent and lacking any inkling of enthusiasm.

This is a depressing state of affairs – quite literally – especially in light of the fact that research backs up our sorry state of mind.

Last summer, the Office for National Statistics revealed that UK happiness levels had failed to rise for the first time in five years, while 2016 proved the most anxiety-ridden on record, according to the findings of a major University of Cambridge report.

And that’s not all. Mood affects performance – with another study claiming employees who come to work miserable are 10 percent less productive.

So, what can we do about that?

You may be thinking pay rises and bonus schemes are in order. But research shows that in fact, staff are rarely motivated by money.

If you want to give a further financial incentive, that’s fine of course but it also pays to motivate them in more creative ways.

Here are some the top tips we have learnt in creating a motivated workforce.

  1. Job satisfaction

We find that variety, prospects and focus on development speaks volumes to our staff. We also make sure to spread good news to our employees to show them how their contribution has impacted upon the business.

  1. Get invested

Your staff are the backbone and the frontline of your business – so nurture them. We invest heavily on training courses to bolster career development. We also involve them in charity endeavours to create a sense of team spirit. Both elements demonstrate commitment to our team’s welfare.

  1. Fostering loyalty

If you want happy staff who are loyal to your business, they need to feel like the part they play matters. Take the time to tell them about the business, what it does, and its goals. There’s nothing worse for anyone than to blindly do their job without any thought as to how it affects the company.

  1. Give them praise

It sounds obvious but remembering to praise staff is important to their mental health. Taking time to say thank you and give feedback also demonstrates appreciation.

  1. Take a break

Breakfast isn’t the only important meal of the day. Maintaining a healthy diet is good for all-round health and eating at regular intervals will help with stress and depression. Encourage staff to enjoy their full lunch break and eat something before they come back into the office.

  1. Pile on the perks

This doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive – but it shows you care. It may be anything from a few cakes to say thanks, or some drinks down the pub. Or you could plan a fun event or outing – something to look forward to!